News 2014


The only good plan is a test one - December 2014

In the world of business continuity, it’s not enough to have a plan – it has to be tested.

Mixture of Solutions key for BCDR market – November 2014

On top of the digital threats which face Irish businesses there are all manner of other dangers too. With everything from floods to insider sabotage to deal with, what represents a good investment in the business continuity and disaster recovery space?

Moving tin, shifting preconceptions – November 2014

IT distributors are trying to move beyond tin and point solutions towards enabling resellers to sell solutions. This requires a major change in organisation and personnel to provide resellers with the resources to understand how solutions can solve business problems for customers. 

Segregation is not without its complications for BYOD – October 2014

Segregating personal and business data on an employee’s device may offer a relatively clean solution for many companies.

Rethinking an old problem – October 2014

Michael Conway of Renaissance is facing down the challenge of changing the security story.

Legal questions and software riddles define BYOD future – October 2014

Facing the challenge of ‘bring your own software’ should become a larger priority over the next year, but so should awareness of how complex this area is in legal terms.

Rebuilding Security – October 2014

The new threat management landscape encompasses both the physical and virtual worlds.

Fraud Failures indicate industry lapses – September 2014

Fraud Failures indicate industry lapses.

Effective Encryption not implemented in many businesses - September 2014

When looking for encryption solutions to protect payment data, some companies are making basic errors.

Cost and Complexity of PCI Compliance shouldn’t Scare Irish firms – September 2014

The process of becoming PCI compliant isn’t nearly as complicated as the problems faced following a data breach.