News 2015


Under-threat firms are calling in the cavalry – December 2015

Faced with an increasingly sophisticated threat landscape, many companies are using third-party expertise to secure their cloud-based assets.

Security remains over cloud adoption – December 2015

Cloud service adoption may be in full swing, but that doesn’t mean companies are less nervous about moving critical data there  

Moving tin, shifting preconceptions – November 2015

IT distributors are trying to move beyond tin and point solutions towards enabling resellers to sell solutions. This requires a major change in organisation and personnel to provide resellers with the resources to understand how solutions can solve business problems for customers. 

An Evolving Process – November 2015

UTM is becoming an increasingly sophisticated form of security.

Be Agile – November 2015

Business continuity (BC) and disaster recovery (DR) provide very significant benefits to an organisation.

Cop on before you log on – October 2015

Whether you are a user or a business, you need to be ready for the worst case scenario.

Channel models for the cloud age – October 2015

Are channel programmes too prescriptive to support selling cloud services and products compared to the old model of hardware and software licences? What can be done to produce a model that supports the interests of vendors, distributors and resellers? Will the cloud age lead to significant changes to the roles played by the different constituent members of the channel ecosystem?

Renaissance warns of more ransomware attacks – September 2015

Organisations are struggling to deal with increased sophistication in malware, but how can they protect themselves?

Small Firm, easy pickings – September 2015

When it comes to security, businesses can’t just rely on an annual check-up and any geek off the street.

TechPro 30 years – July 2015

30 YEARS seems a long time, but also a short time because like all time it flies by. Change takes place constantly.  

Playing it safe – July 2015

Recent research in Britain reveals rising concerns around security, privacy and lack of control are hampering the adoption of cloud services. Is there a similar trend emerging in Ireland?  

In praise of the human factor  – June 2015

Automation may be changing the nature of customer service but there’s no substitute for the personal touch, finds Billy MacInnes.

The poor relation  – June 2015

Do organisations apply the same diligence to document security as they do to their core IT systems and data?

Old-fashioned attitudes and dated equipment are greatest threats to IT  – May 2015

While it’s important to stay abreast of new IT threats as they emerge, it’s also crucial to watch out for old risks that haven’t gone away.

No Way Back  – May 2015

SMEs should be moving to the cloud en-masse, so why aren’t they? Billy MacInnes asks the experts for some direction.

Web-borne threats – Out in the Open  – April 2015

Dearbhla Gavin examines the constantly evolving dangers that lie online.

On the defensive   – March  2015

Dearbhla Gavin examines how unified threat management is proving increasingly popular with small businesses.

Inside Track – Security  – March 2015

Hardly a week goes by without an IT security incident of some form or another making headlines. How can Irish businesses ensure they are getting the right level of expertise should they choose to approach the issue with a managed solution?

Adopting to tough times– February 2015

With our smart devices playing a central role in our personal and work lives, the corporate world has had to adapt to our preferences with BYOD (bring your own device) policies.

A different kind of complicated– February 2015

Billy MacInnes learns the vendor/partner relationship cannot be reduced to an efficient one-size-fits-all model.

To serve and protect – February 2015

The value added distributor is dead; long live the full service distributor.

The endless fight AGAINST cyber crime – February 2015

Dearbhla Gavin reports on the challenge IT providers face from cyber criminals – and how Ireland could be leading the charge against them.

Jobs for the Boys and Girls – February 2015

Family-run businesses are the heart of the domestic economy but come with a unique set of challenges.

No relief in sight – December 2014

The channel must forget about the banks if it wants more liberal credit facilities.

Inside Track – Security - December 2014

Information security is not only getting more complex, the fronts on which the battle must be fought are increasing, as well as becoming less defined. PAUL HEARNS talks to the experts to see what’s going on and what to expect.